Our approach

You attach great importance to quality and professionalism. And so you’re entitled to demand the same from the people you entrust with your translations. HortiTaal more than fits the bill. And here’s why.



As a specialist communication and translation agency for the professional agricultural and horticultural sector, we work exclusively with translators and copywriters who write in their native language and have a background in the green industry. We make sure that each text is thoroughly checked by a second specialist (the four-eyes principle) to ensure it’s of the highest possible quality. Our texts never leave us without this second check.


Your professionalism is reflected in your written communications. They must be clearly and consistently worded, whatever the language. To maintain a consistent style, wherever possible we work with one regular translator for each of the languages your document is being translated into. We also use special CAT (computer-aided translation) software which helps to ensure that frequently occurring phrases are always translated in the same way and that your preferred terminology is always used. By doing so, we ensure consistency in your corporate style.


Personal approach

At HortiTaal our lines of communication are short and unbureaucratic. Your concerns are our top priority. We take a personal interest in ensuring that your translation is always of the very highest quality.


The translations we produce for you are tailored specifically to your company’s needs. We recognise that no two texts are alike and always pay careful attention to your target audience. Sometimes your target audience may not be native speakers of the language your text is being translated into, so the text will need to be written and translated in a way that is easily understood. We’re happy to handle this for you and we’ll work closely with you to find the best option.