About HortiTaal

HortiTaal is a specialist translation agency providing services across the entire production and distribution chain in the contemporary horticulture sector – from breeding to production and from retailer to consumer. We combine our translation expertise with wide-ranging knowledge of the industry and related fields and an in-depth understanding of the technical terminology used in it. Since founding our agency in 2006, we have worked with numerous leading companies in the green sector.


Susanna Ruiter Bähler

Susanna Ruiter Bähler

At the ‘green heart’ of HortiTaal is founder and owner Susanna Ruiter Bähler. Born in Ticino, the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, Susanna speaks no fewer than seven languages. For more than fifteen years she held various product management, marketing and sales positions at leading international plant breeding companies in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. Texts produced by HortiTaal reflect her extensive knowledge and attention to detail. But there’s far more to understanding the industry than knowing the jargon. Through her close contacts in the horticultural sector, Susanna keeps up to date with the latest developments and guarantees that every text is tailored to the needs of its target audience.


Ruud Ruiter

Ruud Ruiter

As director, Ruud supports the HortiTaal team from his own company fond® family in business. He takes charge of HortiTaal’s business management and ensures behind the scenes that customers are served professionally and competently. Additionally, Ruud has more than earned his spurs in the international horticulture industry.

Stefan Sjoers Project Manager

Stefan Sjoers

Stefan’s job is to ensure that your order is processed smoothly and efficiently. With more than ten years’ experience in journalism and content marketing under his belt, Stefan has in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the Dutch language and puts his writing and editing skills to good use in all aspects of our work. He also speaks fluent English and German.

Ilja Zomerdijk Project Reviser

Ilja Zomerdijk

Ilja loves England and the English language. During her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture and master’s degree in Writing, Editing and Mediating she has gained considerable knowledge of this language. At HortiTaal she is the link between your documents and our translators. When revising English source texts and translations, it is her job to ensure these texts meet the highest standards in terms of quality and consistency.


Global network of translators

Wereldwijd vertaalnetwerk

HortiTaal works with an extensive network of freelance translators. Each one specialises in contemporary horticulture and is well versed in horticultural terminology. To ensure that the translations we produce are of the highest quality, we only work with native speaker translators who live in the country of the language you want your documents translated into. You can count on our translators: they take pride in understanding your business!